Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello friends!

Here is my most recent update. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to follow up on my TMD. It was supposed to be my discharge day if my jaw was better. But it wasn't. My jaw was feeling worse. So, I had to have "phalanges" put on my "appliances," which I have to wear 24/7. I wear the bottom appliance (which is like a clear retainer) during the day, and the other appliance at night. At no given time am I allowed to take out one appliance, without putting the other in. I must put both in, to take one out. By keeping the appliances in, it keeps my jaw from locking. They keep me from completely touching teeth to teeth and closing my mouth. Brushing my teeth takes about 10 minutes because I have to wear an appliance while brushing one row, then switch them out to brush the other row of teeth. Speaking is extremely challenging. I hate it. It makes it especially hard since my job consists of talking all day long. Then there's eating. Well, I can't. I'm unable to chew food. I tried. All I can consume is soup and smoothies. So I am hungry. Very hungry.

After 3 weeks, I have another follow-up appointment. The appliance will be removed and we'll see if my jaw locks. I am not confident that my jaw won't lock without the appliances. In the past, when I completely close my mouth is when the locking occurs. I want so badly for this to fix the problem. If it doesn't after 3 weeks, I'll have to continue wearing the appliances for a bit longer. If that doesn't work, surgery's the next option- which I really hope doesn't come down to. So, this will be a long, tortuous 3 weeks....

It's Saturday, 7:15am. I have to go shopping this weekend for clothes because my work is going back to business/casual attire. :( We've been strictly casual for the past 3 months. So, this is a sad/difficult time for me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010! Happy New Year!

HAPPY 2010!

Sadly I didn't go out for New Year's Eve- felt a bit under the weather (still not feeling too great). So I rang in the New Year with my baby sister- who just had her tonsils removed earlier this week. She's bedridden and can't speak. Poor thing. Perhaps I was meant to stay in with her. :)

My jaw is still in the healing stages. At least I can unlock it now, but it's still uncomfortable, noisy and annoying every time it pops. My sister, particularly, hates it. I'm supposed to be popping it 1200 times a day (doctor's orders). 1200 times?! A little excessive, don't you think? I get tired after popping it 50 times, let alone 1200. I wonder if it's ever going to get better.

Well, I wish you and your loved ones a very happy 2010! Let's make it a good year! :-)