Monday, June 18, 2007


Greetings from Berlin! Yesterday, Erica and I went on a 4 hour walking tour and learned all about Berlin*s History. We stood right atop of Hitler*s Bunker- where he committed suicide, saw the Berlin Wall, crossed Charlie*s Checkpoint, and even saw the hotel where Michael Jackson hung his baby out the window! It was a fantastic tour, where the history consumed my brain to the fullest capacity!
Before leaving Münich, we went to the Dachnau Concentration Camp site. The feelings are nearly impossible to describe-extreme sadness and devastation. I found it quite difficult to breathe as I walked through the Crematorium, the gas chambers, and the rooms where the prisoners had to be undressed, and then layed out after their deaths. I also walked through the gun execution sites, as well as the bunkers, and entire Camp. The entire experience was eerie. But it was definitely worth seeing to gain a better understanding of what happened during such a devastating time in history.
After visiting the site, we decided to cheer ourselves up a bit by going to the Chinese Beer Garden, before catching our night train. We had a great time, hanging out with our Maryland Friends and drinking beer. Sadly enough, it was our last good time together with Chris, Willie, and Jon Kevin as we parted ways. Münich was a great time!

Friday, June 15, 2007

MüNiCh, Germany

München is WONDERFUL! I absolutely LOVE it! Erica and I are sharing a hostel with 4 American boys from Maryland who are just hilarious. Last night we all went out to the infamous Hofbräuhaus, and even I could drink the beer! BIG BEER! haha! It was a good night; except 2 of the friends got in a little drunken fight on our way back to our hostel. It was actually a bit amusing, but I also felt a little bad. Anyhow, if Erica wakes up in time, I really want to go on a bike tour today. So, hopefully that will happen!
Anyway, I send my love to all that read this! I hope everything is well!

Sarah Marie

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cannes and Paris

While Erica and I waited for a train into Cannes, we were greeted by very creepy French Men. We were then saved by the sweetest French guys, our age, who love Seth Cohen and 50 Cent! They were hilarious! Unfortunately, they left us to catch a train, and we were soon greeted by another creepy and drunk French guy who wanted Erica's number. I couldn't help but laugh! Then we were saved again by 3 American guys, our age. They were the best! Luckily, we were on the same train, only we took it to Cannes, as they were traveling to Nice. Anyhow, Erica and I had a nice time in Cannes- just went to the beach...where we saw a man carrying a seagull down by his side. It was weird.
Paris was pretty incredible! We stayed at a phenomenal Hotel- thanks to Erica's parents, they are too, too sweet! We saw the live show of Moulin Rouge, drank bubbly champagne, and got lost on our way back to the hotel! It was about 3am and we were lost in the streets of Paris! I was scared, but Erica seems to know the right guys to trust. Not me- I don't trust anyone! Anyway, needless to say, we found our way back thanks to some Turkey guy who tried to put the moves on Erica!! Haha! Anyway, we also climbed the Eiffel Tower, shopped along the Ave. de Champs, went to the Louve, which was the most amazing Musuem I have ever seen in my entire life! We saw the sculpture of Venus and the Mona Lisa painting. Oh, we also saw Jim Morrison's grave. That cemetary was like no other! Quite breathtaking!
We just arrived in Münich this morning and checked into our Hostel. So, here's to a great time in Münich, Germany! I send my love to all and wish you all the very best!

Friday, June 8, 2007


Crazy...just crazy! Last night, even crazier...
Loving Barcelona, Loving the City, Loving the Beach, Loving the Night Life, Loving it All! Erica and I are staying one more night here, then off to Cannes, France!!! I will miss our dear Hostel friends dearly; they are the sweetest of all people!!!!
Bye for now, and we´ll chat in France!!!

Love to All!!!
XoXo, Sarah Marie

Monday, June 4, 2007

No Worries!

Finally! We just got our luggage about 2 hours ago! I was afraid we´d never see it again! Anyhow, since we barely made our flight from London to Madrid, it figures that our luggage was not as lucky as we were! Phew, that was a rather large inconvenience! I did´t think I would ever be SO happy to see a piece of luggage!! So relieved! So, now we are going´s to our last night in Madrid! Our train is for 7am tomorrow morning for Valencia...p.s. Spain is 9 hours ahead of >Arizona. E-mail me if you´d like more info. We are staying at the OLE hostel and the people here are SO friendly!


¿¡Sarah?'?'¿¿¿ haha

No Luggage!

Erica and I have not seen our luggage since we dropped it off at the Sky Harbour Airport in Phoenix! All I want is my contact solution; it´s quite difficult to purchase it here- who knew? Anyhow, we are still in Madrid- so beautiful- but plan to leave tomorrow for Valencia. We saw the death of 6 bulls yesterday; poor animals, they never saw it coming! Ok, gotta to the City!
XOXO, Sarah :-)