Friday, December 17, 2010


I need editing/saving help!

I don't know how to edit/save DVDs onto my computer. This should be a fairly simple task, right? Well, I am faling miserably at trying. Please Help!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Thoughts by Sarah

As of today, this is turning into my random thoughts blog.

1.) I need to start my christmas shopping.

2.) I need to read a book.

3.) I need to go to bed earlier.

Thank you and bless your hearts. :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey Yo!

I know it's been forever and one of these days I will come back strong! Black Friday and Thanksgiving treated me well. What was even better? The Usher Concert! I will post pictures and video soon. :-) Life has been busy and I will update you all.

Bless your hearts. xxx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Much is Never Enough

Dear Frequent and Non-Frequent Flyers,
When flying, especially internationally, please be respectful of others and mindful of your personal hygiene. I would suggest a long shower with an entire bottle of body soap and/or soap bar with a generous amount of deodorant- my suggestion, 3-4 times the amount you would usually apply. When flying on multiple flights (for 15+ hours), as well as traveling in sardine packed shuttles from terminal to terminal and standing in never ending lines in customs and security, I cannot stress enough how much your personal hygiene affects the person next to you. There were multiple times I thought I might pass out due to the enormous death defying odors surrounding me. I wish I had passed out just so I could "get out of jail for free" and no longer have to endure such odors. Consider this strike one.

What was worse was having the worst possible seat on the 9 hour flight from Copenhagen to Washington DC- right next to the toilet, no more than a foot away. Flyers- please close the door when you are finished with the toilet. It's called courtesy.

And I understand on such long flights, many of you like to get up and stretch your legs. I understand this, however, please be mindful of your personal space. I don't enjoy you invading my personal space by your rear-end rubbing up against me while you lunge and I sleep. Strike two.

Now I am home, safe from others' body odors, buttocks and plane toilets. However, I feel extremely ill with a sore throat, splitting headache and body aches. I consider this my lesson learned. In the future, I will travel with a generous amount of medicine, body gel, soup, lotion and deodorant for myself, as well as my flying colleagues. I cannot imagine going through a similar experience again. So, to my international flyers- shower and apply generous amounts of deodorant. And I will bring back-up. Just remember, too much is never enough.

Thank you and enjoy your travels,

Yours Truly

Terminal 3, International Terminal: Copenhagen Airport

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Leaving in one hour for Norway. All packed and ready to go. This will be a very exciting reunion with my best Aussie friends whom I met 5 years ago. I can't believe we'll all be reunited! We had the greatest time together in Australia. Some of the best friends that I know I'll have for the rest of my life. I am over-filled with excitement to see them again! Just gotta make it through a 15 hour flight (plus lay-overs). I'm flying first to Chicago, then Copenhagen and last, Kristiansand- Norway!

You all know how I like to blog when I travel abroad- that's the whole reason I began blogging. So, I'll see what I can do for you. :)

Smile. Life is beautiful. xxxooo

Friday, June 4, 2010


Heading to Norway tomorrow for one week! So exciting....I have yet to pack...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pat's Run 2010

19,698 Finishers. 4.2 miles. Beautiful Run. Bib Number: 7777

This run was dedicated to Tony. The least I can do is dedicate him 4.2 miles for all the hard work and dedication he's putting into Boot Camp.

GO SUNS! Tomorrow night is the first playoff game! We will dominate the Portland Trailblazers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Havasu Half Marathon

Dear Future Havasu Half Marathoners,

If you plan on running the Havasu half next year- you may want to think again. The water stations sucked ass. Not only were there no cups at the first water station, but also no cups at the second. I passed by the first one thinking I'd be okay without water for a little while. This was a bad idea. I was already feeling dehydrated and light headed by the time the next water station came up. At the second station, the volunteers were delighted to pour water into my dirty, cupped hands. No runner was happy about this. Sure, by the time we got to the third water station- thank God- there were cups. BUT, not at the fourth! Are you kidding me? And what was worse was that I saw a man pick up a water gallon (at the water station), mouth to bottle, chugged a bit down, and placed it back onto the table. Not only was this insanely rude and unsanitary of him, but also no one at the volunteer table thought to throw this out- to save other runners from his hepatitis diseases. Seriously? I was quite pissed off and bitter this whole marathon because of these little things that all added up. I paid $70 for this half marathon- the least they could do is provide paper cups! Oh- and the course is not flat, as advertised.

Regardless of my bitterness towards the half marathon- the weather was gorgeous and we ran across the London Bridge. :)

Brandi and I had a great time and a delightful Havasu trip! XXXOOO

I highly recommend the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathons! Those are amazing!!!

Best Wishes, Yours Truly. ;)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Brandi and I are leaving for Havasu tomorrow! I'm going to the MVD first thing in the morning for the title of the car- then off we go! Brandi helped me pack and called me the worst packer ever. Not true. I'm just a huge procrastinator- huge. I hate packing. I think it's a pain in the ass. Next time, Brandi is packing for me.

Our half-marathon (13.1) is Saturday! Wish us luck! I'm dedicating this run to a number of my friends and family- especially Tony- who is currently enduring the torture of boot camp.
Tony, this one's for you!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter- 2010 Style!

Let's begin with Friday morning...I was up, getting ready to go at about 9am to drive to get the car title. As I was getting ready, about to walk out of my bedroom- I see my stuffed bunny fly across the room- out from another bedroom. I knew the dog, Cali, was in there and thought, "Oh my gawd, Cali! I didn't know you could do that!" As I walked into the bedroom, I see this head of dark hair on the pillow, body under the covers of the bed. I was scared shitless. It looked like my sister's hair- but it couldn't be my sister. She was in North Carolina, fighting crime. I was home alone. No one else should be in the house. I creeped over to the bed, pulled down the covers slowly, and sure enough-it was my little sister! What a shit! She flew home and surprised me! I had NO idea! I couldn't have felt more scared AND excited at the same time. I just couldn't believe she was home! And she'll be here til Wednesday night.......

Easter was magical! Went to church with the family, then Camelback Inn for Brunch. It was by far, the best Brunch I have ever had. The food and the location was beyond amazing. And the company wasn't too bad either. ;) I ate way too much food (and chocolate) and went into a coma, as did the rest of the family, immediately after our Easter Part-ay. Then, after our Sunday afternoon nap, the sister and I went for a walk, along with the dog (with Cali's new easter dress on, which she hates, but mom loves). When we returned home, Ryan, Kavitz, and baby Dilan had arrived to wish me- yes, me- a happy Easter. Ryan notarized my car title and Kavitz told me about a new dance position I should apply for. I just finished my cover letter, polishing up my resume, and submitted everything online. Took way too long. Not even sure if it all submitted correctly. Ah well. We'll see. I am tired now and need to go to bed. I've got a long, long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Love you, friends.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ryan Daniel!

Happy Bithday, Ry Guy! Love you so much! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to decorate your desk at work- sorry about the My Little Pony, Little Mermaid, Hello Kitty, Elmo, star wands, tiara, princess themed, pink decorations....let's just say someone else gave me the idea. Wasn't entirely me....perhaps someone on your team. No names. ~ Adam~ :)

Nicole- call me! Asaki e-mailed me and said that she told you hello for me (she is waching High School Musical right now. Love her)! How is everything? Have you been back to Saicolo's? Have you kept in touch in my Japanese boyfriend- Yusuke? I miss him. I want him to sing to me again. That was a highlight of my life. :)

Beach- where you be?

Here's the simple update for my abroad friends...Brandi and I have a half-marathon just around the corner- April 10th. Brandi's foot is practically broken, and so is my neck and jaw. We make a great team. That is all. :)

I cannot wait to see Beth (Bjorgi), Dominik, Lars, Eva, and Nicole in June!!! Norway!!! YEAH!
Beth- Am I gonna be cold? You guys all know how cold I get. Do I need to pack sweaters and jackets? Remember how cold I was in Australia half of the time? Ok, just let me know. Thanks, friends. I love you guys. xxx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy March!

Brandi- I love you and had so much fun hiking South Mountain with you this morning.
Everyone else I spoke with today, including (but not limited to), Matthew, Ry Guy, Kavita, Baby Dilan Ry, Di, E, Lizzy, Megan, and Tony- I love you all so, so much.

Megs- I'll see you in August! :D

Tony- I will miss you soooo much for these next 13 weeks. I'll see you at the airport when I return from my Norwegian trip. I'll write you. :)

Brandi- Havasu in April- love preparing this with you!

Lizzy- MAY! Cannot wait!

I'm excited for tomorrow, but not looking forward to Monday. Not only is Tony leaving for 13 weeks, but things are changing at work. I will, most likely, be working for a different manager. What sucks is that I love my current manager. :(

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello friends!

Here is my most recent update. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to follow up on my TMD. It was supposed to be my discharge day if my jaw was better. But it wasn't. My jaw was feeling worse. So, I had to have "phalanges" put on my "appliances," which I have to wear 24/7. I wear the bottom appliance (which is like a clear retainer) during the day, and the other appliance at night. At no given time am I allowed to take out one appliance, without putting the other in. I must put both in, to take one out. By keeping the appliances in, it keeps my jaw from locking. They keep me from completely touching teeth to teeth and closing my mouth. Brushing my teeth takes about 10 minutes because I have to wear an appliance while brushing one row, then switch them out to brush the other row of teeth. Speaking is extremely challenging. I hate it. It makes it especially hard since my job consists of talking all day long. Then there's eating. Well, I can't. I'm unable to chew food. I tried. All I can consume is soup and smoothies. So I am hungry. Very hungry.

After 3 weeks, I have another follow-up appointment. The appliance will be removed and we'll see if my jaw locks. I am not confident that my jaw won't lock without the appliances. In the past, when I completely close my mouth is when the locking occurs. I want so badly for this to fix the problem. If it doesn't after 3 weeks, I'll have to continue wearing the appliances for a bit longer. If that doesn't work, surgery's the next option- which I really hope doesn't come down to. So, this will be a long, tortuous 3 weeks....

It's Saturday, 7:15am. I have to go shopping this weekend for clothes because my work is going back to business/casual attire. :( We've been strictly casual for the past 3 months. So, this is a sad/difficult time for me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010! Happy New Year!

HAPPY 2010!

Sadly I didn't go out for New Year's Eve- felt a bit under the weather (still not feeling too great). So I rang in the New Year with my baby sister- who just had her tonsils removed earlier this week. She's bedridden and can't speak. Poor thing. Perhaps I was meant to stay in with her. :)

My jaw is still in the healing stages. At least I can unlock it now, but it's still uncomfortable, noisy and annoying every time it pops. My sister, particularly, hates it. I'm supposed to be popping it 1200 times a day (doctor's orders). 1200 times?! A little excessive, don't you think? I get tired after popping it 50 times, let alone 1200. I wonder if it's ever going to get better.

Well, I wish you and your loved ones a very happy 2010! Let's make it a good year! :-)