Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Much is Never Enough

Dear Frequent and Non-Frequent Flyers,
When flying, especially internationally, please be respectful of others and mindful of your personal hygiene. I would suggest a long shower with an entire bottle of body soap and/or soap bar with a generous amount of deodorant- my suggestion, 3-4 times the amount you would usually apply. When flying on multiple flights (for 15+ hours), as well as traveling in sardine packed shuttles from terminal to terminal and standing in never ending lines in customs and security, I cannot stress enough how much your personal hygiene affects the person next to you. There were multiple times I thought I might pass out due to the enormous death defying odors surrounding me. I wish I had passed out just so I could "get out of jail for free" and no longer have to endure such odors. Consider this strike one.

What was worse was having the worst possible seat on the 9 hour flight from Copenhagen to Washington DC- right next to the toilet, no more than a foot away. Flyers- please close the door when you are finished with the toilet. It's called courtesy.

And I understand on such long flights, many of you like to get up and stretch your legs. I understand this, however, please be mindful of your personal space. I don't enjoy you invading my personal space by your rear-end rubbing up against me while you lunge and I sleep. Strike two.

Now I am home, safe from others' body odors, buttocks and plane toilets. However, I feel extremely ill with a sore throat, splitting headache and body aches. I consider this my lesson learned. In the future, I will travel with a generous amount of medicine, body gel, soup, lotion and deodorant for myself, as well as my flying colleagues. I cannot imagine going through a similar experience again. So, to my international flyers- shower and apply generous amounts of deodorant. And I will bring back-up. Just remember, too much is never enough.

Thank you and enjoy your travels,

Yours Truly

Terminal 3, International Terminal: Copenhagen Airport

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beach03me said...

Hope you had an awesome trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!